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Proficiency Co

Our vision for ProficiencyCo started 10 years ago as teachers at international schools. We were dissatisfied with the limited academic progress and ineffective school management; but, most of all, those of us in ‘Start Early Education’ were disheartened to find that students who didn’t continue with international education generally lost their bilingual ability within 1 to 2 years. All the time and attention our team had invested in those students was typically lost!

With our own children living in Asia on the same path, we were determined to find a better way. Our goal was to give our children a fully bilingual education that didn’t sacrifice studying the local Chinese curriculum in school while still maintaining an international standard education in English outside of school.

For the next 2 years, we experimented with distance learning and home schooling courses from the USA and UK, and I found that by choosing a targeted approach with course books and teaching materials and eliminating the unnecessary ‘fillers’ it was possible to maintain a full international standard education through primary and secondary school with only 10 class hours a week, and a full international English/Language Arts education with only 4 class hours per week. So, with the new targeted courses in hand, we started ProficiencyCo.

From the beginning, this has been a ‘friends and family’ endeavour for excellence not a commercial business, and eight years on, not only have our own children entered their target university/ school, but 100’s of our ‘friends and family’ and their friends and families have been through our program with all graduates achieving successful entry into their target schools, colleges, and universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, N.Zealand, Mainland China and Hong Kong,  Singapore, and Malaysia (including Harrow (UK) and Ivy League Universities (USA)).

It’s been an amazing 10 years! Cheers! Here’s to the next 10!