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We work to make your business start effectively working for you.
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Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively used
in marketing for as long as marketing exists.

I have studied English in this warm and wonderful family for nearly 7 years. The very first time I came here, I was just a “kiddo” who could only understand a few words, However, I’ve unprecedentedly felt the English education way of learning and eventually got 147 points in the senior high school entrance exam.

At an early age, the teachers treat the students as their own kids, their patience and kindness really encouraged me in English. As I grew older, we were more than just teacher and students, but friends. We were always glad to share the different cultures from two countries, I not only learned a lot about the foreign culture, but also made great progress in oral English. On the other hand, the glasses were always fun and warm that made me more confident to communicate.

With the great help of this family, I got great success and was admitted to the Guangdong experimental high school which is considered as one of the best high schools in Guangzhou, but more importantly. It did really help me learn something that had and will, benefit my life forever.

Sam DaiGuangdong Experimental School


I attended Proficiency Co. with my buddies Jerry Ding, and Steve Wang in Secondary School. Proficiency Co lives up to its namesake. It is undoubtedly proficient! By engaging students in a wholly English academic environment, Proficiency Co. provides them with a genuine English accent, critical thinking ability, and long-lasting friendship. For me, Proficiency Co. served a crucial position in my foreign language education, and definitely, do I miss those days when I learned English so efficiently but effortlessly with my friends.

Kevin ZhangNYU (New York University)

I did English educational study with Proficiency Co. for 4 years. They helped me achieve my goals to go to school at Hua Fu International. While studying at Proficiency Co., I became interested in English and therefore persisted through the years, and I can now proudly say that I am able to continue my study in an English speaking country in the future. I admire the highly effective method of learning English developed by the corporation, and I can tell that every teacher working for Proficiency Co. is responsible and professional. I wish the company to be successful and help more English learners who struggle and feel frustrated learning English.

Sherman LiuHua Shi Fu International

Proficiency Co. helped me achieve my goals to go to school in Australia. It was not only the English I improved during my training there, It was also getting to learn and understand the Western culture which has helped me a lot during my social life.


Keith WuUniversity of Technology, Sydney

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